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What is it?

PlanMyDay is a Tool, that helps you planning your days work. Todays entries from the built-in calendar and todo application get imported. After assigning a duration and the ordering of entries, the user gets an overview what must and can be done today.

During work on every single event, the times they take get recalculated and the progress can be updated. Then it is always possible to see if everything is in plan or hurry is needed.

Why did I wrote it? On some days it happens, that the things I have to do consumes more time than the remaining hours of the day. Then always some questions come up:

Since some years ago I wrote down all my calendar-entries and todos to a paper-based list, assigned the times they need and ordered them like I wanted.

That was very annoying sometimes, and so I decided to start my first Palm OS open-source project: PlanMyDay

First, PlanMyDay imports the following entries from your built-in or extra applications:

The next thing, is to assign the time, each of them takes and to reorder them like you want. Thats all!
PlanMyDay calculates now from a given start time when every item gets finished. You can also mark, how many percent of each entries is finished and the complete time-table gets recalculated.
You can also add own entries, that are not in Todo or the Datebk, by example as a marker, when your days work will get finished.

PlanMyDay - Screenshot

How to install:

Very easy. All you have to do is install the file PlanMyDayEN.prc (English language) or PlanMyDayDE.prc (German language) or PlanMyDayXX.prc (any other language) on your Palm-PDA after unpacking.


Please have a look at SourceForge or get the very latest (developer)-version from the CVS.


The documentation is availabel in various formats:


Why are so many things are still not implemented?
Well, because of two reasons:
The first is, that I am developing this program in my spare free time. And so it may take some time until the wished features get implemented.
The second reason is, that I'm relatively new in Palm-OS programming. Being experienced in programming over twenty years, I have to learn the concepts and ideas behind Palm-OS now step by step. This makes fun, but consumes time too.

Of course, I am always interested in your suggestions and (constructive) critic and would like to hear, if you are happy with PlanMyDay.

What features are planned next?
Please have a look in the TODO-file in the distribution. Then you could see, how many ideas wait for implementation ...

How can I help developing PlanMyDay?
There are many ways. Let me count some of them:

Where can I get the very latest versions of PlanMyDay?

There are two ways. Between the stable releases (with the even sub-release numbers like v0.2, v0.4, ...) unstable releases with odd sub-release numbers will come out. Unstable does not necessarily mean, that this versions are broken, but it may be that there is less comfort (Documentation, translations, etc.) than in stable versions.

For users, that want to stay always 'on the bleeding edge' is the possibility to check out the source code from the CVS. Then they can compile the application by themselves, having the newest version possible.

How can I get informed about new versions of PlanMyDay?

SourceForge gives registered users the possibility to monitor software releases. By following the Monitor-Link , you will be informed automatically, whenever a new version comes out.


PlanMyDay is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

History and main changes:

2003-08-04: v0.1 - Initial version
2003-08-22: v0.2
2003-09-06: v0.4 2003-12-18: v0.6 2004-04-15: 0.8.0 2005-05-03: 0.9.0 2006-04-28: 0.9.2


Klaus Reger
planmyday|at| (Please replace |at| by @), Main author
Iván Rivera González
Spanish translation

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